Lal Bahadur Shastri Kamgar evam Shahri Ajeevika Yojna

“LAKSHAY” (Lal Bahadur Shastri Kamgar evam Shahri Ajeevika Yojna) was launched in all the merged ward of Municipal Corporation and newly created Nagar Panchayats in the state to provide urban basic civic amenities at par with the existing urban areas and also to provide livelihood opportunities like wage employment under MNREGA, to the people coming to urban fold from the rural areas. This scheme is aimed at bringing the newly merged areas or the newly constituted ULBs to equivalent standard.Under this scheme, the grant of Rs. `10 Lakhs is provided to each ward of Municipal Corporation and each newly created Nagar Panchayat to create basic urban infrastructure and provide waged livelihood similar to MNREGA to the people of these areas for three years.

Aim of the scheme

  1. To make provision of quality urban infrastructure and basic civic amenities in the merged areas
  2. To continue providing wage labour to MNREGA job card holders for the time being and gradually shifting these families toward decent skilled livelihood opportunities.
  3. To encourage and facilitate poor households engaged in waged labour jobs to set up their own enterprises by imparting skill training, subsidy linked credit and entrepreneurship training.
  4. To provide decent housing facilities.


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